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Grenada Apartments Lance Aux Epines

Welcome To Lance Aux Epines Apartments

We are located right on the SGU bus route, on Lance Aux Epines main road and just a few minutes walk to Lance Aux Epines Beach.
Our spacious two-bedroom apartments are fully furnished, each with their own washer and dryer.
No need to worry about power cuts here. Each unit is equipped with its own transfer switch which allows you to control when you want to switch on or off the compound generator which comes on automatically when power goes.

We also have our own water tank which supplies us in times of reduced availability.
All apartments have high speed internet, and also A/C units. All utilities are paid straight into the apartments office leaving you free to enjoy yourself or study, rather than worry about paying your bills around St.George's.

Each apartment has its own electrical meter so that you only pay for what you decide to use. We have solar water heating, saving additional costs, and washers and dryers in each apartment.

Our facilities also have built in fire protection equipment, security bars, security cameras and off street parking.