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Grenada Apartments Lance Aux Epines

Lance Aux Epines Apartments FAQ'S

  • Do you allow Short Term Leases?

    The shortest lease term we allow is 6 months
  • Is the rent negotiable?

    All apartments with the same amenities pay the same rent. We will not raise the rent for at least 3 years for long-term leases.
  • Is there a reliable water supply?

    In addition to the mains supply, we have a 30,000gal water storage tank and water pump. This means that there is heavy water pressure 24/7. We have never run out of water
  • Are there any extra costs, such as maintenance, garbage?

    There are no hidden costs. Landlord is responsible for all maintenance, unless caused by Tenants negligence.
  • Is maid service included?

    Maid service (house keeping) can be arranged through the Office at an extra cost of between US$20-30 per day.
  • Is there a working backup generator?

    There is a fully operational, regularly maintained backup generator that runs the entire building EXCEPT for the washer/dryer units. It does run all the air-conditioning.
  • Are the apartments air-conditioned?

    Each apartment has its own central air conditioning. There is also a ceiling fan in each room of each apartment.
  • Do the apartments come with kitchenware?

    Included in each apartment is a 16 piece Corelle Living Ware set, pots, pans, a set of Pyrex dishes and a 12 piece cutlery set.
  • What does each bedroom include?

    Each bedroom has an American full (54" x 74") size box spring and mattress, 1 desk, 1 shelf and a closet.
  • What appliances are included?

    Microwave, 4 burner Gas Range with Oven (American), 16.5cu. ft Refridgerator, Large Amercian electric Washer/Dryer unit.
  • Is internet service included, is there an additional charge for it?

    Each apartment has high speed hard-wired and Wi-Fi internet, at no additional charge.
  • Is there a Manager on the Property.

    There is a Manager 8am to 4pm Monday through Saturday. The Owners live 5 minutes from the building and are on call 24/7.
  • Is there hot water available?

    We use a solar hot water system with electric backup for rainy days. There is no additional cost for this.
  • How close to supermarkets are the apartments, by bus and car?

    By bus, there are 3 supermarkets approximately 10 minutes away. By car, it's a 5 minute drive.
  • How far from the SGU bus route are the apartments?

    The apartments are directly on the bus route. The bus stops right at the apartments.
  • Are pets welcome?

    Well trained, quiet pets are welcome.
  • Are families welcome??

    Families are welcome. We have a picnic table, barbecue area and a plyhouse for the kids. The property is fenced.
  • Are electricity bills indivdually metered?

    Each apartment has it's own electricity meter. You receive a copy of the electricity bill (we pay the bill, you refund us) and you pay exactly what the Electric Company charges (we charge no markup or fee).
  • Is there parking available for tenants?

    Off-street, lighted, paved parking is available for tenants. There is no parking fee or charges.
  • Is there security on the premisies?

    The building has security cameras, automatic dusk-to-dawn lighting, burgular bars on all windows and glass doors, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and fire hoses with a backup water pump.
  • Are apartments screened?

    All windows and sliding glass doors are screened.
  • What power is available in the apartments?

    Both 230V (English) and 120V (American) power is available in each apartment.
  • How is rent paid?

    Rent can be paid by check, bank draft, money order or cash, in US dollars or EC dollars.